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Fowler & Sullivan 2006

FOWLER, D.W. and SULLIVAN, R.M. (2006), A ceratopsid pelvis with toothmarks from the Upper Cretaceous Kirtland Formation, New Mexico: Evidence of late Campanian tyrannosaurid feeding behavior, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 35: 127-130 [pdf]


A well-preserved incomplete ceratopsid pelvis from the late Campanian of New Mexico exhibits a number of toothmarks attributed to the tyrannosaurid Daspletosaurus. The toothmarks are mostly simple, shallow punctures, but some “puncture and pull” marks are identified, together with possible score marks possibly made by premaxillary teeth. These toothmarks represent scavenging behavior by one or a number of Daspletosaurus. The habits of tyrannosaurids in general are characterized as being opportunistic carnivores specializing in shake-feeding